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TBL Jersey

TBL Jersey

Made in Canada

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  • "TBL" Fishing Sweater
  • Front zipper
  • Made in Quebec
  • Choose your size
  • Model for men and women
  • Long sleeve
  • Dry-fit
  • Light, soft, silky, comfortable
  • 100% polyester UV protection 50+
  • Attention: sweater without no


This is a 100% polyester fabric.
Polyester is not a delicate fiber, it does not require any special precautions regarding its washing. However, we advise you to wash your polyester linen by hand or in the machine if the latter is programmed for synthetic linen or between 30 and 40°. Indeed, if the synthetic fiber textile is bathed in water that is too hot, it risks crumpling permanently. This fiber generally does not wrinkle and therefore does not require ironing. However, if you want to iron your polyester textile, opt for an iron at low temperature. Drying flat and not in the dryer also helps the durability of the fabric.


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