At Target Baits Lures, we care about the environment. It is for this reason that we have a range of eco-responsible products available. Look for the “eco-responsible product” symbol on the product page.
  1. BPA free
  2. Phthalate Free
  3. Not carcinogenic
  4. Not endocrine disruptor

The dangers of phthalate in our everyday plastics

Classified as a carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substance by the Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the phthalate has harmful effects relating mainly to fertility, the development of the fetus and the newborn.

eco-responsible fishing lure quebec without bpa phthalate

These phthalates are also suspected of being endocrine disruptors. We are therefore proud to use exclusively an innovative plastic in this molecule which is toxic to animals and humans.

Thank you for encouraging us and thank you for fishing with lures that respect the environment!

The advantage of lead-free lures composed of Tungsten

Why Tungsten? Well, in fact, for the same weight versus lead, the volume is smaller (higher density) so your fishing will be more subtle, more discreet and therefore more effective.

lead tungsten fishing quebec

Its composition and its resistance make it a #1 choice for fishing.

Finally, when lost to the bottom of the water, tungsten has practically no negative impact on the environment.

Long live fishing! Long live Nature!!


ecological and eco-responsible fishing lure