L'Achigan... un combattant fascinant

Bass... a fascinating fighter

The bass is very fond of frogs, adores crayfish, does not disdain insects and even small specimens of its own species. They feed on the surface, between two waters or near the bottom.
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In spring. smallmouth bass congregate on the spawning grounds. Early summer, in rocky and sandy places of lakes and rivers, in not very deep water. Summer heat, retreats deep, near shelters (stones, stumps, embankments) and submerged logs. Winter, retreats to the bottom, almost inactive. It prefers a water temperature between 18º and 20ºC (64º to 68ºF).

It can be caught either by trolling or in my favorite way, either by light or heavy throwing ((jig or drop shot)) or even on the fly.

bass fishing in quebec

The smallmouth bass is, according to many, one of the most combative fish. It owes its reputation to its leaps out of the water when hooked, as well as to its discoid shape offering great resistance. Its flesh is simply delicious. For my part, I prefer to practice catch and release.

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Long live fishing!!!
Good end of season to all!!!

Written by: Emile Riffou (FB: Fishing Emile RF)

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