La pêche à l’Achigan aux leurres souples

Bass fishing with soft lures

Bass is still unknown to some. Yet in Japan and the United States, these aggressive and tenacious predators are all the rage. Could you imagine that a good Bass Master competitor could earn up to several million dollars a year?! So, fellow anglers, follow our advice and get serious about bass fishing with soft lures. Who knows, one day we will find you on the edge of a body of water fishing for big bass!

senko bass fishing in quebec in wacky

Stalk the bass

Bass is a fish of ponds, lakes, rivers and the St. Lawrence River. It is found mainly in southern Quebec. It likes to bask in warm waters, but tolerates cooler temperatures. It can sometimes be fished on sight, when it's walleye! Beneath his calm and sleepy appearance, he is not choosy in front of a small delicacy that is on the surface or in the depths. His attack is then dazzling. Get ready !

Its capture is sometimes easy, sometimes very complicated. He stays in a group most of the time.

It particularly likes areas where it can camouflage itself a little: among the water lilies, in a herbarium, under a pontoon, under a tree, under a pile of branches or near rockeries. So, aim for congested bodies of water on the surface.

This fish is very sensitive to the vibrations of your lures. His hearing and sense of smell are exceptionally well developed.

swimmy craw crawfish for fishing antiherbe weedless quebec

Which soft lures to use for bass?

This predator is exciting because all techniques are likely to work with it: lure, bait or fly fishing. With its fairly large mouth, it devours relatively large prey, such as catfish, frogs or crayfish. But he does not hesitate to take a surface insect, as a snack.

As for lures, do not deprive yourself of choice: a true opportunist, he throws himself into everything. If he has decided, of course, because he is both fearful and curious. Realistic finesse lures are especially useful on days when the bass is in nap mode or not very active. With a jig head or not, you can go find it in the depths, or on the surface.

fishing techniques to catch bass in quebec

To mount your lure on the jig head in a well aligned way, start by taking the measurement by presenting the hook, make a small notch where the hook will come out. When you bite the hook, aim for your notch to make it stand out. This trick is especially important for lures such as shad or imitation fish and imitation worms (Senko or Stick) in anti-grass mounting.

bass fishing in quebec petite boucge and largemouth

Bass through the seasons

  • Spring

April-May is the breeding season. The male watches over the eggs, in a nest placed on a clean bottom, at a shallow depth, until they become fry of a few centimeters. The bass is then really aggressive and it is better not to try to fish it. Especially since, if you take a future father, he will no longer be able to ensure the survival of his descendants, the fruit of your future fishing.

  • summer

During the hot period, the bass likes to stay close to the surface, in the shade of trees or water lilies. Take the opportunity to fish on sight, with a surface lure. Do not hesitate to skip far under the branches shading the body of water.

  • Autumn

This is the time for them to stock up on food. At this time, all techniques are effective. But they will favor the less aggressive ones to save their energy.

  • Winter

The bass stays at the bottom of the water, sheltered from the cold. It's in power saving mode, but we can still take a few specimens. We then recommend the jig or the drop shot to fetch the fish from its hiding place.

bass at swimmy fish grande bouche du quebec

Finesse fishing: for days when the bass is wary

The finesse fishing technique is great on days when bass are lethargic: in winter and on hot summer days.

It is then not easily fooled by lures with strong signals. It's time to bring out the light artillery and be as discreet as him. If you see a Bass near the surface, or a structure that can accommodate one, gently run a small, light lure without a lead head ( weightless ) towards it. If he does not react, try some small animations. Also try the wacky : it is the assembly of a soft lure in the middle, which you will play by delicate shots in front of the snout of the bass.

fishing with imitation crayfish in quebec lure target baits richelieu river If you don't see them, they are in the depths, use a lightly weighted soft lure (1/4 to 1 Oz). The most effective is a soft lure equipped with a Paddle, which will slow down the descent and cause vibrations in the water. Get ready, because the majority of this predator's attacks are made at this time!

Bass fishing is exciting. The variety of techniques that can be used allows you to get to know your spot, without ever getting bored. So, prepare lures, rods and good fishing!

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