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The Bottom Line (Leader) - Tips from the Pros

The bottom line (Leader) written by Marc-André Aucoin Fishing Guide

Fishing friends, for the past few days many of you have been asking me for advice. Lures, techniques, fixtures, depth etc...

Many of these questions also come up on social networks. One of the questions I get asked and often comes back to is this:
Do I have to put a leader? In what material? Which length? What size and Why???
For my part, I always wear a Fluorocarbon leader of the same length as the rod.
This allows me to be able to change the lure a few times and even remove a worn end without having to redo my leader each time!
I make a new one when I only have about 4 feet left.
The reasons I use Fluorocarbon are simple:
-Much more resistant to abrasion in the rocks!
-Does not fray!
-Allows you to keep your reel full all summer long instead of wasting 20ft lengths of it as it gets worn out.
-It gives me greater flexibility and better elasticity which allows me to have better control over my grip during the fight.
-The flexibility of Fluorocarbon will also make it easier for me to depend on the bottom when this happens.

I will try to help you a little by giving you my personal choices. Here is what I use as Fluorocarbon depending on the situation, the technique used and the target species.

-Jigue (vertical waddle) walleye river Sufix 20 lbs

-Sufix Lake Walleye Jig 12 lbs

- Sufix walleye drop shot 10 lbs

- Sufix River Walleye Bottom Walker 20 lbs - Lake 12 lbs

-Bass drag (drift) Sufix 15 lbs

-Bass Tube Sufix 12 lbs

-Bass Ned Rig 10 lbs

-Bass Wacky 10 lbs

-Bass Crank Sufix 832 braided 10 lbs

-Bass Drop Shot Sufix 8-10 lbs

- Striped Bass Jig Sufix 25 lbs

-Striped Bass Lancer Sufix 20 lbs

- Striped Bass Trolling Sufix 25 lbs

- Lake Trout Jigue Sufix 8-10 lbs

- lake trout launched Sufix 8-10 lbs

- lake trout trolling Sufix 12-15 lbs

-Salmon Train Sufix 30 Lbs
(Lake Ontario)

I wish you a great season and I hope this helps you!


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