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Fishing with soft plastic lures

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Soft plastic lures are realistic looking action baits often used when fishing for Walleyes, Pikes, Bass, Perches in freshwater but can be used for many other types of fish or in varied water conditions. These soft lures are designed to mimic salamanders, crayfish, worms, leaches, worms, fish and practically any lake inhabitants. They are also excellent in diverse water types and conditions whether you are after inlet tarpon or redfish in the flats. Because soft plastic baits land quietly they are excellent for surf and flats fishing. In order to be successful at fishing with soft plastic lures it is critical that the presentation is controlled, well thought out and sensitive.


You may find you need to use different techniques based upon the waters and conditions, however, there are some basic techniques when fishing with soft lures. One of those techniques is to cast out to a short distance and allow the lure to sink to the required depth. Once it is at the depth you want, you need to start retrieving it right away using rod tip actions.  Rod tip actions can include quick short movements upward or slower lifts following sharp longer upward sweeps.

retrieving fishing cast best deal fishing

 It is all in the wrist and with practice and trial and error; you will get the feel for the right combination as you experiment with your retrieve rate. One way to achieve the best presentation is to practice in shallow water so you can see how closely the soft plastic lures resemble the real thing. It is important that your lure, whether it is a crayfish or salamander, perform the way it is designed to. You can practice with your chosen soft lure to ensure its movements do mimic the real thing.

Jigging strokes Best Deal Fishing


Soft plastic lures must be properly rigged in order to work effectively. Since soft baits are intended to appear lifelike,   the tail must be threaded into the hook smoothly.  Neither you nor the fish want to see visible lumps and bumps as it would certainly defeat the purpose of mimicking lifelike bait. It is important that you learn the proper way to attach your hook to the lure, whether it is standard or weedless.

How to Rig Soft Plastic Fishing Baits

Soft plastic bait is rigged on a hook using techniques like “Texas” or “wacky” or will be fished open hook on some type of jighead.   

texas rigs best deal fishing


wacky rig Best Deal Fishing

If you are fishing offshore where the big fish hang out, you should be using a heavy wired hook.  Depending on where you are fishing you may require no weights or slightly weighed to heavy weighed. The shallower the fishing depth the less the weight you may require.

Spinning Gear

When casting or jigging the soft plastics, ensure you are using the correct spinning gear for the best result. Luckily you can find a variety of rods on the market that are specifically designed for fishing soft plastic lures.  If you are fishing for Northern Pike or largemouth Bass with medium sized plastics, a medium to heavy casting gear should be used. If you are after crappies using small soft plastic lures, a lightweight spinning gear works well. Similarly with the much larger plastic lures you need a much heavier bait casting gear with the appropriate weight line when angling for fish like Muskie.


Soft plastic lures are designed to look and present like a variety of real bait and are very effective in that regard.  

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Fluke plastic soft baits

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Some are scented and the various tail designs make them even more lifelike. The strike potential of a soft plastic rig is further enhanced with the placement of beads in front of the hook eye.

Senko best deal fishing

Senko plastic baits

Soft plastic lures are abundant on the market today and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. 

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You may wish to keep a variety of colors and sizes along with the appropriate rigs in your tackle box so you are always prepared for whatever fish comes your way. And remember, practicing your retrieve and presentation will set you ahead of the pack.

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