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Fishing with plastic swimbait

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Swimbaits are fishing lures that look like various types of baitfish. Also referred to as pogies and shads, swimbaits are designed to imitate the appearance and the action of baitfish. Some rubber, paddle tail lures imitate the movement of a fish swimming on retrieve. Other swimbaits are jointed and look like a waving flag when being retrieved. They are rigged on jig head hook and are effective in catching all types of fish in all seasons. The swimbait is popular among anglers since due to its realistic appearance, they attract predators that are larger and more appetizing.

swimbaits variety
Soft plastic swimbaits come in a variety of colors and sizes and shapes and are made from soft silicone based plastic which makes the bait flexible and life-like, vastly improving the angler’s ability to catch fish. The movement of the flat entail design causes vibrations and creates signals that attract predators. Unlike the hard plugs which the fish may be more likely to release quickly, the soft bait is able to fool the fish into believing it has the real thing and more likely to hold unto the "prey". Swimbaits can be used in both saltwater and freshwater fishing the only criteria is that the water is clear and for this reason it is a top choice among freshwater fishermen.

Unrigged swimbaits
It is the oldest kind of swimbait and come separate from the jig head and requires the angler to do the rigging. They feature different head and tail options. This type offers the angler more versatility and creativity in the choice of jig head size, type of bait and colors. While not necessary, securing the swimbait to the jighead with a bit of glue helps prevent the swimbait from sliding down the hook

Swimmy fish soft bait
Pre-rigged swimbaits
Pre-rigged swimbaits are manufactured completed integrated with a hook and a weighed jig head. These are ready to go when you are with lifelike bodies and 3D eyes; they are generally irresistible to the fish. These will either have a paddle tail design which wiggles in the water, or a twister tail that spins. They can also be made with internal components that cause them to flash and glow in the water.

Pre-rigged Swimbait
Tips for fishing with the swimbait
1) Your swim bait must look and behave like real bait in order to entice the fish to bite. You may need to adjust your bait occasionally if it doesn’t do what you want it to do

2) Swimbaits are designed to move fluidly in the water and the manner in which you throw and retrieve a line will determine how well the swimbait behaves in the water. The slow and controlled reeling in of a line is much better than a jerky one.

3) Use the type of swimbait suitable for the fish you want to catch. If it is largemouth bass you are after then you may want to use a swimbait that looks like a rainbow trout.

4) While you can choose any color plastic swimbait, a good rule to go by is to use light colors under light conditions and dark colors under dark conditions.

5) The size and weight is another consideration when deciding which swimbait to use. Small to medium sized baits work under most conditions. If you are after large or aggressive fish you may want to use larger swimbaits. When fishing in strong current or deeper water a small swimbait paired with a large jighead can work quite well.

Soft plastic swimbaits are versatile and highly effective in freshwater fishing and they work well under a variety of conditions. However, they may not be as durable as the hard bodied lures so ensure that you maintain them and keep an ample supply in your tackle box.

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