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Spinnerbait Lures: great and versatile fishing weapon.

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Spinnerbaits are designed to stimulate the senses of predatory fish attracting them to the bait. Due to the highly developed sense of most fish, it is possible for the fish to "touch" and "feel" an object far away. Vibrations and movement in the water can be interpreted by the fish as prey. The shape of the spinnerbait can facilitate the speed of retrieval or the level of vibration. Spinnerbaits were once known as "safety pin lures". On spinnerbaits, a blade rotates around a bar when the lure is retrieved. Some are rigged with lifelike bait while others have plastic skirts over the hooks.

 Weedless lures

Spinnerbait lures are considered to be the most versatile of lures since they can be fished in almost any condition or at any time of year. These lures can be fished in murky or clear water and in any type of ground cover. If you are going after certain fish like bass you need to be able to fish your spinnerbait in the heaviest cover without it snagging. While spinnerbaits are considered “weedless” to some extent, there are some things you can do to improve its performance in heavy cover.

  • Weedless spinnerbait lures are designed to give you an additional edge when fishing in heavy cover. Some bait is designed with a hydroplaning head allowing the lure to skim over weed cover.
  • Tandem blades are ideal for weedless fishing since they extend over a hook reducing the possibilities of snagging. If one blade is disabled, the other keeps spinning.

spinnerbaits leurre fait au quebec brochet musky

Trying a combination of different types of blades as described above Types of blades along with different lure weights and varying retrieval speeds, can enhance your experience your weedless fishing experience.


Types of spinnerbaits – wire lengths

  • Twinspins work well for dead dragging and slow rolling techniques and allows the bait to crawl easily over debris. When used as drop bait, the twinspins can fall vertically without disruption and tangling.

wire - Twinspins spinnerbait fishing lure

  • Short-arm spinner baits have a shortened top wire arm. The short am is often used in medium deep water using a lift and drop technique but is also effective in shallow, murky water.

wire - Short-arm spinnerbait fishing lure

  • Long Arm spinner is ideal for fishing in a grassy or bush covered area and when multiple blades are used. These baits have a longer top wire arm which could block the hook point under some conditions reducing its effectiveness.

catalogue des spinner baits peche quebec



Retrieve techniques

Spinnerbaits are designed for a slow to medium retrieve but you should try different styles to see which works best for you and the conditions at the time.

  • Wake: Is created when you cast past an obstruction then quickly raise and reel. As the spinnerbait rises to the surface, slow the retrieve creating a wake that attracts the fish.

retrieve - wake retrieve spinnerbait fishing

  • Helicopter: Allow the lure to hit the bottom, reel up raising the rod just a bit then drop. Ideal for fishing in drop offs or ledges.

retrieve - helicopter retrieve spinnerbait fishing

  • Buzz: This method creates a splashing sound when you fish in shallow dark areas. The tip of the rod is held high as the blades break the surface.

retrieve - buzz retrieve spinnerbait fishing

  • Slow roll: The rod tip is pointed down on a slow retrieve allowing the bait to sink.

retrieve - slow-roll retrieve spinnerbait fishing

  • Contact: When fishing in shallow areas with weed cover and stumps, the lure is bumped against the stump or weeds altering the action of the bait which can trigger a bite.

 retrieve - contact retrieve spinnerbait fishing

Types of blades

The blade is a very important part of the spinnerbait and comes in various sizes, shapes, design and colors. A blade (spoon) must have flash and vibration attributes.  Types of blades include the single, the tandem, willowleaf, Indiana and Colorado.

  • The willowleaf in addition to being long and thin is quite flashy and simulates the action of baitfish. They are ideal when used in vegetation.

spoon - willowleaf spinnerbait spoon

  • The single blade works well in deep clear water but is also an asset when used in dim light conditions.
  • Indiana blade. This is a versatile blade which will give more flash but less vibration with the Indiana blade which can be used for active bass fishing in darker waters.

indiana spinnerbait blades

  • Colorado blade. This blade is round and spoon shaped and creates more intense vibrations. They do well in deep dark waters.

spoon - colorado spinnerbait spoon

  • Tandem blades work well in heavy cover and murky waters
  • Oklahoma blade is a variant of the willowleaf and highly favored for catching predatory fish and when fishing in high pressured water.

blades oklahoma spinnerbait fishing


underwater pike spinnerbait fishing

Happy fishing to you!

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