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Soft baits: topwater frog fishing lures

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topwater fishing frog

Soft lure baits are becoming increasingly popular among anglers. What are soft lure baits? Soft lure baits are heated to liquid form and molded to look like insects, frogs, worms and other natural bait.The soft texture of these baits means that they are more attractive to the fish than the harder bodied baits.

topwater lure best deal fishing tackle

The soft lure bait designs have advanced in recent years making them much closer to real bait. Colors, scents, shapes and flavors all contribute to the effectiveness of the soft bait lure when fishing.

Topwater frog fishing lure

Benefits of the frog lures

Bass are particularly attracted to a floating frog lure and it is always exciting when the frog lure almost magically disappears into the mouth of the bass. 

The soft feel of the frog lure with the hook close to the body encourages the bass to hang on much longer facilitating a successful catch. With a surface frog lure it is best to take your time and fish slowly. A gentle twitch here and there is enough to simulate the natural movement of the frog legs and rouse an inactive bass.  Because the frog lures are weedless they are best suited where there is matted vegetation.

Frog family lure

Frog Lures design

The Frogs are designed for easy movement through algae and thick weeds. It is hollow bait with the hooks positioned along the belly of the frog, are pretty much protected from getting caught up in the weed beds. When the bass strikes the hooks become exposed.   Topwater frog are popular for the type of action it generates. With its rounded body and paddle tail, it causes the bait to wobble when activated.

topwater frog bait

Frog lure fishing tips

  • Be creative with your retrieval method by using different levels of speed and action depending on the particular situation.
  • Weedless frog lures appear to work best in summer and fall during sunny day but you can try them any time of year where the vegetation warrants it.
  • Choose rods and reels that are designed to make the most of your bass fishing with frog lures. Heavy lines and braided super lines seem to be favored among anglers. Rods are usually long with a light tip for more accurate casting.
  • Don’t rush it. When the bass bites your frog bait, exercise a bit of patience even if you have the urge to pull it in right away. Wait a few seconds to allow the bait to take before setting.


Topwater frog fishing lure

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